Dental X-rays

Modern technology has radically changed how dental X-rays are performed. This new technology provides dentists with a powerful tool for diagnosing dental issues, as well as administering and monitoring subsequent treatment. We offer our patients the latest in X-ray technology so we may provide them the best possible dental care. These modern processes offer a wealth of information, allowing the dentist to recommend the most appropriate treatment.

Digital X-rays

We now offer digital X-rays to our patients. X-rays allow the dentist to see cavities, wisdom teeth, and underlying periodontal bone loss that cannot be seen by visual inspection alone. Digital X-rays are faster and more convenient since they do not require developing like traditional X-rays. The images are downloaded instantly to a computer where they can be reviewed by both the patient and the dentist. The images are easily saved for future reference and record-keeping. Digital X-rays reduce the environmental impact of traditional film disposal. Digital X-rays also allow the patient to receive a much lower dose of radiation than photographic X-rays.

Panoramic X-rays

New X-ray technology is also being used to provide different types of images. Digital technology allows us to provide our patients with panoramic X-rays. This process uses a series of digital sensors to create a flat picture of the patient’s upper and lower jaws. This ear-to-ear image allows the dentist to better diagnose oral pain, identify bone loss, and determine the impact of wisdom teeth on the jaw.